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When I go to vacation, I mean vacation and Clearwater is definitively the  place to be.

Paul Miller (Columnist, TM)

There is no romantic place like Clearwater beach.

Julia Glover (Editor, BR Magazine)


Clearwater Florida, USA

Sun lovers the world over flock to the city of Clearwater, Florida to experience its majestic beach fronts only to get so much more than what they expected. Unknown to ordinary tourists, Clearwater, Florida is a developing community that puts premium on the preservation of its cultural heritage and pristine environment. Because of this, many of those who come to Clearwater for a vacation end up wanting to live there too.

Located west of Tampa and northwest of St. Petersburg, Clearwater is the smallest among the three cities collectively known as the Tampa Bay Area. It is the seat of the Pinellas County. The city boasts four main beach fronts: Clearwater Beach, North Clearwater Beach, Pier 60 and Sand Key Beach.